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SIMSme – Your secure messenger


Sending messages with SIMSme is completely safe and private – no eavesdropping possible! Chat and SIMSme with true end-to-end encryption – guaranteed by Deutsche Post. Download now! Follow our partners’ content channels to keep up to date with the latest info and news. These include: – Kicker– Wetter24– AndroidPit– Giga– Wired...and many more!SIMSme was awarded the “Trusted App” seal of approval for highly secure apps by mediaTest digital in cooperation with TÜViT. In addition, it is recommended by the police of Lower Saxony. Eavesdropping of your messages is eliminated through end-to-end encryption.
You don’t want your files and photos out there on the internet forever?
Are you looking for a solution for secure file transfer?
Are you looking for an app to make sure you always receive the best news?
Would you like to finally be able to chat, text and message with end-to-end encryption?
SIMSme offers all the features that you have come to expect from a modern and advanced messaging app – and much more:
TRUE END-TO-END ENCRYPTIONYour data remains YOUR data. Messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and can only be decrypted on the recipient’s device. Even we can’t view your message when you chat and message with your contacts.
FILESHARINGStarting immediately, you can also send files with a size of up to 10 MB in SIMSme. Simply share directly from the menu in other apps, such as: E-POST, Cloud, Goodle Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox. In Chat, touch the “+” symbol to select a local file directly.
SELF-DESTRUCTING MESSAGESUsing SIMSme, you can automatically destroy your sent messages so that the recipient can only view it for a limited time.
VOICEMAILSend voicemail in your chat without the fear of eavesdropping. That way, your hands are always free when messaging.
SERVERS LOCATED IN GERMANYSIMSme’s servers are located in Germany and will stay there. Of course, this also means that your data will be handled in accordance with German Data Protection Guidelines!
Download SIMSme now and you can finally message with end-to-end encryption.
Do you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding SIMSme? We look forward to hearing your feedback! Please contact us at